• Tandem Diabetes Care

    "In Tandem" means together or in conjunction with, and we strive to embody this in every part of our business. We believe working in tandem, not individually, is the way to continually exceed expectations. We do so with the diabetes community to develop products designed by and for our customers, with other technology leaders to maximize innovation for the end user, and internally across departments to accelerate new designs and product improvements.

    Innovation and quality are deeply embedded in our culture and we are reshaping how medical devices are designed and ultimately used by you. This commitment shows in the work we have done in the development, launch, and support of our cutting-edge insulin pumps and t:connect® Diabetes Management Application, as well as in our exciting product pipeline.

  • Listen. Learn. Innovate. (In that order.)

    We’re curious by nature and believe that by working to understand your needs, wants, and preferences, we have a better chance of delivering products that will help to improve diabetes management. Before we begin developing a product, we put thousands of hours into research, asking for the thoughts and opinions of people with diabetes and healthcare providers. It is only by working together that we will be able to provide products that exceed expectations.

    Listen Learn Innovate
  • Partnerships with Purpose

    At Tandem, we believe the future of innovation will be realized through collaboration, not by individual companies working in isolation. Our intent is to excel at what we are good at, and to collaborate with other technology leaders in our field to create therapeutic options that combine the best of the best. For example, we have partnered with the leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), Dexcom, to develop a t:slim Insulin Pump with integrated CGM. We have partnered with the leader in type 1 diabetes research, the JDRF, to develop the first dual-hormone insulin pump. We have partnered with world-renowned academic institutions that are using cutting edge technology, to advance artificial pancreas research. We are honored to be a part of this growing collective of institutions dedicated to working together to change the way diabetes is managed, and we are excited about the prospects of these ongoing projects.

  • Planning for the Future

    We are running our business with growth and longevity in mind. One of the most important priorities for a medical device company is having a strong foundation from which we can continually improve and support our products.  We are very strategic about when and how we expand our business, and how we interact with our customers, strategic partners, vendors, and the diabetes community. Our focus on quality not only applies to product development and customer support, but also to our everyday business practices.

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