Our Values



Tandem Diabetes Care is dedicated to making the lives of people with diabetes better and better, through relentless innovation and revolutionary customer experience. Below are the values to which we hold ourselves accountable, to ensure we run our business with integrity, courtesy and professionalism.


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Innovate, for real

Our goal at Tandem is to innovate for real life. People with diabetes and their healthcare providers are an integral part of our design process, to help us deliver products that can change people’s lives. We run our business with the future in mind to ensure continuous product improvements and exemplary customer support, and hire only the most passionate individuals who care about improving diabetes therapy and delivering the highest possible quality.


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Huddle up

Getting innovative ideas off the ground and into the hands of the people who need them requires the experience, opinions and actions of many. We cannot accomplish great things without successful collaboration, both inside and outside of the company. We are committed to creating partnerships with the diabetes community, technology companies, researchers and other innovators to continue improving and advancing diabetes treatment.


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No shortcuts

Making things more efficient and cost effective is great. Taking shortcuts is not. Our customers depend on us, so holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and delivering exceptional quality isn’t just something we value, it’s something we require. Mistakes that could damage our product quality or reputation are promptly corrected.


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Stay Awesome

We treat our fellow employees like friends and family, and the company like our own home. This universal respect allows us the freedom to be ourselves and to be effective at our jobs, knowing at the end of the day that we can trust everyone to do the right thing, for our customers, our investors and each other.



Don't mess with our customers

We have the world’s best customers, and we are very protective of them. When making business decisions, we always ask ourselves and our partners “How will this impact our customers?" We are committed to involving end users in the research and development of our products and customer support efforts, to develop products and services that truly bring convenience, innovation, and usability to diabetes management.