t:connect Mobile App

Get connected to an advanced way to monitor your diabetes.


The t:connect mobile app serves as a discreet secondary display for your t:slim X2 insulin pump, so you can stay informed of your diabetes management from the convenience of your phone.

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Connect at a glance

Conveniently view your t:slim X2™ insulin pump data, including basal and bolus insulin events, insulin on board, carbs, current settings, and both pump and sensor status directly on your phone with the t:connect® mobile app.

Connect wirelessly

Wirelessly upload your pump and therapy data to the cloud-based t:connect web application, and allow your authorized healthcare providers easy online access to your recent data at their convenience.*

Connect with a push

The t:connect mobile app lets you view messages and alerts from your t:slim X2 insulin pump as push notifications on your phone, conveniently prompting you to interact with your pump at a time that works for you.


Getting started

Download the t:connect mobile app on your phone and then pair the app with your t:slim X2 insulin pump. Here are the steps to follow:




Visit Google Play or the App Store, search for “Tandem Diabetes” and select “t:connect mobile” from the results.




Unlock the pump, tap OPTIONS, Device Settings, and then select Bluetooth® Settings. Tap the toggle to turn on the Mobile Connection and enable Bluetooth.

If you don't see Bluetooth Settings, you can visit the Customer Portal to update your pump to the latest software (you may need a prescription and training).




Use your t:connect web application username and password (or create a login and password in the t:connect mobile app).

We strongly suggest you upload your pump data to the t:connect web application via a USB cable before starting the next pairing step.




Pair Insulin Pump to Mobile App


Follow the prompts to pair your t:slim X2 insulin pump with your phone. For detailed pairing instructions, view our Quick Reference guide or watch the above video. Only one device can be paired with the t:connect mobile app at a time.

After you have synced your pump to the app, the data will upload to your t:connect account. This can take minutes, hours or days depending on when you last uploaded and how much data is stored on your pump.

If you need additional help with the t:connect mobile app, please visit our Support Center for frequently asked questions, tips, and troubleshooting.


* The information on the t:connect mobile app display may not be identical to the current status of your pump. Wireless uploads from the t:connect mobile app to the cloud-based t:connect web application require a compatible phone and an internet or wireless data connection. Uploads to the t:connect web application do not take place in real time and should not be relied upon by healthcare providers or caregivers for remote patient monitoring. Standard carrier data rates may apply.
† You cannot dismiss alerts and alarms from the app and must do so on the pump itself, but once an alert or alarm has been dismissed on the pump it will immediately disappear from the mobile app.